A Powerful LMS Empowering Digital Learning

A Powerful LMS Empowering Digital Learning

Simple & Powerful

True leap provides users with the essential tools to create an engaging and collaborative learning environment. With True leap as your digital pen and paper, teachers and students can achieve more together.


TrueLeap makes learning easier for students. Our digital interface supports both synchronous and asynchronous learning systems. It caters the unique needs of every education community.


Creating course materials (both video and text contents) on TrueLeap is a cakewalk. Collaborators can teach students with the help of live teaching modules and video conferencing.


Learners and educators can collaborate within TrueLeap as per their requirements. Build a virtual, yet significant student-teacher relationship with TrueLeap’s collaborative learning platform. Use in-built chat boards to engage with students during class.

TrueLeap Features

Why TrueLeap?

1. Content management system

A comprehensive content management system meant for everyone.

  • CMS available for admins, teachers, parents, and students.
  • Content flexibility.
  • Better data security.

2. Keep track of the learning progress

Stay on track with the easy-to-use calendar.

  • Schedule classes easily with the calendar module.
  • Track daily classes.
  • Easily accessible with mobile devices.

3. All-in-one class portal

Reduce the use of third-party applications to schedule a class.

  • Easily set up and manage classes.
  • Single click live teaching.
  • Avoid extensive use of third-party apps.

4. Exercise synchronous learning

Enhance digital learning engagement.

  • Conduct live classes with video conferences.
  • Allow classroom engagement via internal chat boards.

5. Integrated smart digital dashboards

Track school KPIs with digital dashboards.

  • Unique dashboards for admins.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Track school KPIs and student performance.

6. Easy-to-use mobile app

Schedule classes on the go.

  • Fully integrated with iOS and Android devices.
  • Language localization capabilities.
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Sandip Bordoloi, PHD
Co-founder & CEO
15+ years of technical and leadership experience in a Fortune 100 major in the energy industry, majority in new ventures space. 10+ years of experience in full cycle venture building including global new market entry and exits. Tech investor and startup mentor.
Sunny Zhang, PHD
Founder & Chief Strategist
Award - winning researcher, educator, entrepreneur, and investor with 20+ years in digital marketing and international business. Tenured business school professor with18 years of teaching experience including 10 years of online/hybrid teaching in leading universities in the USA.