Trueleap pop up library

Trueleap Pop-up Library

Trueleap Pop-up Library

TrueLeap Pop-Up Library

The beloved TrueLeap Pop-up Library is a monthly community event every 1st Sunday at various parks, where families and kids come together to celebrate the magic of stories, cultures, and creativity. This vibrant and delightful gathering will takes place outdoors at a public park around a giant parachute adorned with hues of the rainbow, symbolizing diversity and unity.

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1. Multilingual Storytelling and Music

Immerse yourself in a world of multilingual storytellers captivating your hearts with tales from different cultures and countries. Experience the enchantment of storytelling in various languages and groove to the beats of rhythmic music that transcends borders.

2. Art & Crafts from Around the World

Explore the richness of global artistry through a range of crafts and activities inspired by different cultures. Let your creativity soar as you engage in fun and educational crafts, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of the world’s multicultural heritage.

3. Meet the Featured Authors

Get the chance to meet and interact with esteemed authors who have penned stories that celebrate knowledge and character. Discover the inspirations behind their works and the positive impact they hope to create for the next generation.

4. Collaborate for a Brighter Future

Engage with our partners and sponsors, who are committed to offering goodness and support to the next generation and future talents. Learn about their initiatives and how they are fostering an inclusive environment for children to thrive.

5. Family Bonding and Togetherness

TrueLeap Pop-up Library is designed to be a memorable family experience, promoting togetherness and shared moments of joy. Bond with your loved ones as you explore the wonders of literature, arts, and cultures side by side.


5:00 PM

Pop-up Parachute Landing

5:15 PM


5:30 PM


6:00 PM

Free play, books, music, and crafts

7:00 PM

Pop-up Parachute Wrapup


Pop-up Library was started by our founders Dr. Sunny Zhang and Dr. Sandip Bordoloi originally in 2017 after Hurricane Harvey damaged hundreds of houses. Many families lost their houses and books. They also lost their libraries and space to gather. Pop-up Library provided a supportive environment for kids and parents to get together and enjoy books, music, and crafts while healing from the devastation and rebuilding their homes.

Who Should Attend

Families, kids, educators, content creators, cultural explorers, book enthusiasts, and any individual/organization passionate about celebrating cultural diversity and fostering a love for learning, culture, and creativity in the next generation.


This event is open to all and free of charge. However, we encourage attendees to support the authors by purchasing their books.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to be a part of the TrueLeap Pop-up Library! Mark your calendars and come together to create lasting memories. See you there!

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Sandip Bordoloi, PHD
Co-founder & CEO
15+ years of technical and leadership experience in a Fortune 100 major in the energy industry, majority in new ventures space. 10+ years of experience in full cycle venture building including global new market entry and exits. Tech investor and startup mentor.
Sunny Zhang, PHD
Founder & Chief Strategist
Award - winning researcher, educator, entrepreneur, and investor with 20+ years in digital marketing and international business. Tenured business school professor with18 years of teaching experience including 10 years of online/hybrid teaching in leading universities in the USA.