Close the Digital Divide In Global Education
Solutions kalyan February 6, 2020
Close the Digital Divide In Global Education
The world’s most sustainable ecosystem approach providing integrated and comprehensive support for school systems
Ecosystem Approach
TrueLeap’s integrated edtech solutions include proprietary software platforms, hardware infrastructure, digital content, training & support, and data-driven intelligence, all available at a single fee. This approach is particularly designed for scalability and ease of adoption in resource-constrained communities worldwide.
Software Platforms
Cloud-based browser interface and mobile apps, including Learning Management System (LMS), Content Management System (CMS), and Marketplace.
Hardware Infrastructure
TrueLeap Technology Lab equipped with education technology hardware including computers, laptops, smart boards, AV equipment, etc.
Digital Content
Customized and localized content serving learning goals and curriculum with specific learning paths to achieve maximum outcomes.
Training & Support
Ongoing workshops for educators and students as well as systematic maintenance to ensure software, hardware, and content updates.
Data-Driven Intelligence
Smart dashboard providing insights based on real-time user data to facilitate decision-making and system optimization, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Platform Features
TrueLeap platform is an amalgamation of sophistication and simplicity, offering integrated solutions that are accessible, user-friendly, and adaptable to diverse educational contexts.
We provide an all-in-one solution that supports both synchronous & asynchronous learning, video conferencing, collaboration, and communication etc.
We offer cost-effective software packages to best suit your budget and scale up as needed. Our shared content, training, and maintenance reduces the adoption costs for schools.
We offer both a browser interface and a mobile app that are fully integrated with iOS and Android devices and also optimized to function effectively in bandwidth-limited environments.
Our intuitive interface is easy to set up and manage classes, and easy to use with single-click live teaching and built-in tools.
Our customizable Interface adapts to local languages and conventions. Our content partners balance between global standards and local culture for different regions.
We provide regular training and ongoing support for schools and users. Our smart dashboard with analytics and visualization provides data-driven decision making.
Why TrueLeap
The unique features of the TrueLeap platform set it apart from the existing solutions that are fragmented, complicated, and expensive.
TrueLeapGlobal ProvidersLocal Providers
All-In-One Solution Support synchronous & asynchronous learning, eLearning & blended learning
Mobile Learning AppOptimized to work with low bandwidth infrastructure (video and data)
Cost EffectivenessModular packages to best suit budget and scale up as needed
Content LocalizationLocal digital content creation, sharing, management, and cultural integration
Research & EvaluationSmart data dashboards and analytics to track school and student performance
Partnership BuildingPartner with local experts on content creation, training, research, and support