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About Us kalyan January 9, 2024
About Us
Learn about our vision and commitment to closing the digital divide
Energy industry corporate veteran with 20 years of international venture building and investment expertise. Founding Partner at startup studio Born Global Ventures. Experience in emerging markets with Fortune 100 company leading new venture projects.
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Sunny Zhang, PhD
Award-winning business professor, behavioral scientist, and venture builder with 20+ years of innovative teaching including 10+ years online. 2022 Outstanding Professor and Most Influential Women in Houston. 2023 Dealmaker Hall of Fame Inductee and Women in AI Award Winner.
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Dario Calogero
Founder and ex-CEO of Kaleyra Inc., a NYSE-listed CPAAS provider (recently acquired by Tata Communications) with a turnover of 340M in 2023. Currently Founder & CEO of Maya Investments Limited (SFO). Over 30 years of experience in the mobile and internet industry in emerging markets.
We are working for schools to improve learning tools for the children (and) improve the quality of education in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Sandip and TrueLeap Inc. I’m really impressed with the quality of work they are doing everywhere, especially the work they are doing for us.
Monsieur Abbé N’tungu Bisibu Noèl
Head of the Commission of Schools Conventional Catholics in DRC
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