Celebrating Friendship and Volunteerism at TrueLeap Pop-Up Library with Summer Xiao and Family TrueLeap December 4, 2023
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Celebrating Friendship and Volunteerism at TrueLeap Pop-Up Library with Summer Xiao and Family

The TrueLeap Pop-Up Library’s latest event, held on December 3th, 2023, a beautiful Sunday afternoon, turned into a memorable celebration of reading, friendship, and community spirit, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of families and volunteers alike. This gathering was a meaningful testament to our community’s commitment to fostering a global mindset and everlasting friendship.

Shout Out to Our Community Champions

Special recognition goes to Summer Xiao and her family, especially her two daughters Joy and Julia, who led the storytelling, trivia game, and craft-making activities. Their efforts made the event an enriching experience, teaching everyone about holiday traditions from different cultures while engaging in the creative joy of making favorite elf characters. Summer’s family’s active participation brought an additional layer of warmth and connection to the event, embodying the TrueLeap community spirit.

A Story of Friendship and Community Building

In her LinkedIn post, Summer Xiao’s recount of her first encounter with Dr. Sunny Zhang, Founder at TrueLeap Inc, at this post-Hurricane Harvey community event in 2017, highlights the serendipity of community connections and the power of showing up. Their shared passion for leveraging technology for good and their multicultural backgrounds have fortified a friendship that has grown alongside the evolution of the TrueLeap Pop-Up Library over the years. This story underscores the importance of community engagement and the unexpected, rewarding relationships that can emerge from simply participating.

The smile on their faces really made my heart smile. I had the best time seeing people of all ages and backgrounds get into the holiday spirit on this absolutely picture perfect day. ✨” – Summer Xiao

The Importance of Showing Up

Summer’s message about the importance of showing up resonates deeply within the TrueLeap community. Her family’s experience, from event participants to community leaders, exemplifies how taking the first step to engage can lead to meaningful contributions and connections. It’s a reminder that behind every event are stories of friendship, growth, and shared aspirations, reinforcing the belief that our collective presence and participation are crucial for building a connected and inclusive future.

Volunteer Spirit and Global Mindset

Our gratitude extends to the Service For Humanity (SFH) volunteers who set up the vibrant rainbow parachute and worldmap beach balls, creating a welcoming and colorful space for families to gather. Their enthusiasm and commitment were instrumental for families to come together and celebrate the joy of reading and learning about diverse cultures.

The TrueLeap Pop-Up Library goes beyond a monthly educational event; it’s a vibrant celebration of knowledge, diversity, and global connections. Set against the backdrop of a giant rainbow parachute, it is a safe and open space for people of all ages and languages to dive into books and stories from around the world, fostering cultural understanding and appreciation.