TrueLeap Inc Marks a Significant Milestone with its Inauguration in the Democratic Republic of Congo Sunny Zhang PHD October 24, 2023
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TrueLeap Inc Marks a Significant Milestone with its Inauguration in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Houston, Texas – TrueLeap Inc, a global educational technology provider, has unveiled its groundbreaking digital education solutions for the Democratic Republic of  Congo (DRC). This historic initiative, realized in partnership with Akili Digital DRC, the Commission of Schools Conventional Catholics, and the Association of Parents in Catholic Schools of Congo, promises to revolutionize the digital education landscape in the DRC.

“My presence is a testament to my support and encouragement. Together, we aim to elevate the quality of teaching and learning for our children. Thanks to TrueLeap Inc., achieving optimal education conditions is now possible in our beautiful country,”

commented Tony Mwaba Kazad, Minister of Primary, Secondary, and Technical Education of DRC, who inaugurated the state-of-the-art TrueLeap technology lab, powered by its advanced digital education platforms.

TrueLeap is on a mission to bridge the digital divide and enhance global access to quality digital education. Their sustainable ecosystem approach integrates software, hardware, content, training, and research.

“One small step in Africa, a big leap towards TrueLeap’s goal of providing equal access to quality digital education for all,” noted Dr. Sandip Bordoloi, Co-Founder and CEO of TrueLeap Inc. 

Held in the heart of Kinshasa, TrueLeap’s grand inauguration attracted distinguished guests from various sectors, including educators, administrators, and government officials, notably from the Embassy of the United States. This was more than the launch of an edtech platform; it represented a steadfast commitment to transform lives and nurture global talents for the future. 

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