Embracing the Magic of Literature and Culture at Ray Miller Park TrueLeap September 4, 2023
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Embracing the Magic of Literature and Culture at Ray Miller Park

This Labor Day Weekend, Houston became a hub of excitement and enrichment at the TrueLeap Pop Up Library. Held at Ray Miller Park in the Energy Corridor, families and children gathered around a giant parachute in the scenic outdoors, creating an atmosphere of joy and learning. The event was not just a gathering; it was a vibrant celebration of literature, music, and arts, showcasing the diverse languages and cultures that make up our community.

TrueLeapPopUpLibrary – Where Stories, Music, and Art Converge
The evening was filled with a variety of activities, starting with a parachute landing that captivated all ages. What followed was a journey through an array of storytelling sessions, featuring both renowned authors and emerging voices. The library presented a diverse collection of books, music, arts, and crafts, celebrating the rich tapestry of global cultures.

Spotlight on Dr. Sujeeta Elizabeth Menon, Ph.D.
The event was especially honored to feature Dr. Sujeeta Elizabeth Menon, Ph.D., an author with a prolific 16-year background in social work. Dr. Menon, author of “I AM A SOCIAL WORKER” and co-author of “WHERE SOCIAL WORK CAN LEAD YOU,” has dedicated her career to social justice and significant social impact, particularly for justice-involved youth. Her work is characterized by a deep commitment to bridging research with practical applications, crafting evidence-based, trauma-focused, and culturally sensitive programs.

Dr. Menon’s Global Journey in Social Work
Originating from Singapore, where she began her career as a community social worker after earning her Bachelor’s in Social Work in 2006, Dr. Menon’s journey has been international. Moving to Houston, TX in 2016, she pursued her Master’s and Ph.D. in Social Work at the University of Houston. Her experience reflects a deep understanding of diverse cultures and practices, making her an invaluable voice in the field of social work and a role model for many.

Honoring the Givers in our Community
We were also honored to have Heidi Pinder, an elementary school teacher, and Wade Pinder, a product leader join us for this special event. We reflected on the invaluable contributions of social workers, educators, and community builders. Their presence underscored the importance of these roles in shaping a compassionate and understanding society.

Free Books and an Invitation to Share
A unique feature of the event was that all books were free for attendees to take home, encouraging a love for reading among children and adults alike. Participants were also invited to bring their favorite books for a show and tell, adding a personal touch to the communal experience.

A Day of Learning, Sharing, and Inspiration
The TrueLeap Pop-Up Library event on this Labor Day Weekend was not just a day of fun but also a day of inspiration and learning. Families from diverse backgrounds came together to enjoy the magic of books and the wisdom of experts like Dr. Menon, Heidi, and Wade.

Join Us for Future Events
Thank you to everyone who joined us for this extraordinary celebration of literature and social impact. Stay tuned for upcoming pop-up library events where we continue to celebrate the joy of reading and the power of community.