Unveiling TrueLeap: Dr. Sunny Zhang’s Inspiring Journey on “Forging the Future” with Chris Howard Nadiya Carreon August 15, 2023
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Unveiling TrueLeap: Dr. Sunny Zhang’s Inspiring Journey on “Forging the Future” with Chris Howard

In a recent episode of the podcast “Forging the Future” with Chris Howard, we delved into the  extraordinary journey of Dr. Sunny Zhang, the founder of TrueLeap, sharing her wealth of expertise and passion into the fusion of education and technology.

Dr. Sunny’s story begins as a researcher, where, two decades ago, she developed an app to explore the intricacies of online shopping. Fast forward to today, she stands as a proud Houstonian, having relocated to the vibrant city in 2012 and survived the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, forming a profound personal connection to the city, solidified by the resilience and unity of the local community.

In her podcast appearance, Dr. Sunny Zhang unveiled the genesis of Born Global Ventures, a one-stop solution for early-stage ventures addressing the funding dilemma. Departing from the unicorn chase, Born Global focuses on nurturing “cockroach” founders—resilient individuals grounded in reality, thriving in adverse conditions. Dr. Sunny’s vision redefines startup success, emphasizing resilience and practicality over elusive unicorns.

Dr. Sunny’s commitment to education manifests in TrueLeap, where her passion for teaching and experiences as a mom navigating the challenges of the digital learning landscape converge. She channeled these emotions into creating a revolutionary learning management system. Emphasizing the importance of staying close to your market and users, especially in a time when prioritizing real value over chasing the unicorn dream, Dr. Sunny believes true success stems from a user-centric mindset and a dedication to delivering something users genuinely love.

As we navigate the dynamic intersection of education, technology, and entrepreneurship, TrueLeap stands as a testament to Dr. Sunny’s visionary leadership. The podcast episode with Chris Howard provides a glimpse into her inspiring journey, propelling TrueLeap towards a future where education seamlessly intertwines with the fabric of innovation.

For a deeper dive and to learn more, you can find the podcast on YouTube and other podcast platforms. Join us as we redefine the way we learn, grow, and shape the future with TrueLeap.