TrueLeap Pop-Up Library: A Gathering of Minds and Cultures TrueLeap August 1, 2023
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TrueLeap Pop-Up Library: A Gathering of Minds and Cultures

Connecting Communities
In the wake of Hurricanemaking quality education accessible to all Harvey’s devastation in 2017, a beautiful initiative was born out of the chaos – the TrueLeap Pop-Up Library. This community-driven event, which began as a response to the damage inflicted on homes, families, and local libraries, has evolved into a vibrant gathering that celebrates knowledge, culture, and connection. TrueLeap is excited to announce the return of its Pop-Up Library, an event that promises to bring together people of all ages to share in the joy of reading and learning.

The Origin: A Rainbow Parachute
It all started when Sandip Bordoloi, Ph.D., and I spread a giant parachute, laying out books donated by friends for children to read and for families to reconnect. This small act created a space of healing and bonding, a much-needed respite during challenging times. It was a hit, especially with the kids, who have been eager to see it return. Now, with their growing initiative, TrueLeap is proud to sponsor this event that aligns perfectly with our mission: making quality education accessible to all.

The Impact of Reading
Research extensively underscores the benefits of reading. It enhances child development in numerous ways, from cognitive abilities and writing skills to academic success and social skills. TrueLeap’s Pop-Up Library isn’t just about reading; it’s an immersive experience that fosters creativity, an open mindset, and a sense of community. Set in the heart of nature, at parks, it’s a space where reading is fun, engaging, and supported by family and community members.

Join Us for the Fall Kickoff
Mark your calendars for our fall kickoff: Sunday, 8/13, from 5-7 pm at Ray Miller Park in the Energy Corridor. And it’s just the beginning! We plan to bring this fantastic event to various locations on the first Sunday of each month. The lineup includes rockstars like Dr. SujeeWoo Elizabeth Menon, Dr. Lifong Woo,  Dr. Christine Galib who are not just participants but role models, inspiring our children to dream and achieve.

How You Can Contribute
We believe in community participation and would love to hear from you:

Favorite Authors: Let us know if you or your kids have a favorite local author we could feature.
Music and Games: Share your favorite songs and games!
Venue Suggestions: If you have a park in mind for future pop-up libraries, we’re all ears.
A Library For All
TrueLeap’s Pop-Up Library is unique – all books are available for giveaway. We encourage you to bring your favorite book for a show and tell, sharing your stories with the community.

Let’s Build a Future Together
This is more than just an event; it’s a movement. Let’s come together to nurture our next generation of learners, creators, innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs and fostering a global mindset.

Learn more and sign up at TrueLeap Pop-Up Library.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!