Why TrueLeap

Why Trueleap?

Why Trueleap?

Digital Transition with TrueLeap is the key to solving the Global Education Crisis

Change begins with a good teacher, and technology abridges the possibilities for a better educational ecosystem. Institutes that understand the importance of choosing the right technology to impart knowledge will reap the benefits of this digital transformation. Considering the major loopholes in the education sector, TrueLeap is an integrated online software solution. You can now easily plan, implement, assess, and monitor students’ learning efficiently at your fingertips using this learning management system (LMS). With our experienced and recognized global community of teachers, we are here to assist you in imparting quality education seamlessly.

One Platform, Multiple Functions

TrueLeap integrates the key critical functionalities in one virtual platform optimized to perform efficiently in limited digital infrastructure environments specially designed for –

  • Administrators
  • Teachers 
  • Students 
  • Parents 

Our highly adaptive one-stop e-learning solution comes with the following features to offer engaging and effective learning solutions

  • Fully Integrated Admin Dashboards
  • Content Management System
  • Smart Analytics
  • Multi-functionTeacher Interface
  • Integrated Synchronous/Asynchronous Learning
  • Mobile app integration

More reasons to take this digital leap?

1. Optimized for low bandwidth

Trueleap is a fully functional android and iOS apps to support web application and has been optimized to work with low bandwidth infrastructure (video and data. It supports both synchronous and asynchronous learning with language localization capabilities (currently supports 11 Indian languages)

2. Get access to quality education 24/7/365

To provide the best benefits of learning management to the most disadvantaged and resource challenged student communities of the world, Trueleap has been designed with these added benefits for the student community –

  • Peer to peer collaboration.
  • Performance tracking.
  • Asynchronous learning.
  • Synchronous learning.

3. Track and Measure Education Performance in Real-time

A cost-effective fit for purpose solution like Trueleap is best suited to deliver the benefits of digital education to disadvantaged communities. Our 360 degree e-learning software can help the teachers/administrators track and measure benefits in real time with the following features –

  • Course content management
  • Effective communication
  • Real-time view of performance
  • Transparency and Feedback
  • Remote learning options
  • Improve attendance and engagement

4. Become the best-in-class with TrueLeap

Dream and achieve milestones with top-notch functions such as Async/Sync Teaching Modules, Smart Admin Dashboards, Language localization, Course Content Creation, and tools such as – homework, test, gradebook, attendance, tracking school/student performance management in a single platform.

Sandip Bordoloi, PHD
Co-founder & CEO
15+ years of technical and leadership experience in a Fortune 100 major in the energy industry, majority in new ventures space. 10+ years of experience in full cycle venture building including global new market entry and exits. Tech investor and startup mentor.
Sunny Zhang, PHD
Founder & Chief Strategist
Award - winning researcher, educator, entrepreneur, and investor with 20+ years in digital marketing and international business. Tenured business school professor with18 years of teaching experience including 10 years of online/hybrid teaching in leading universities in the USA.