TrueLeap’s Engagement with Burkina Faso Delegation: Another Step Towards Empowering Global Talents TrueLeap January 30, 2024
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TrueLeap’s Engagement with Burkina Faso Delegation: Another Step Towards Empowering Global Talents

On Monday, Jan 29th, 2024, TrueLeap’s leadership had the privilege of meeting a delegation from Burkina Faso, marking another significant moment for our ongoing efforts in Africa. This meeting was made possible thanks to the Texas Africa Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of Chairman Posso Ganame. The roundtable hosted by the Houston Growth Forum provided a platform for in-depth discussions on educational initiatives and technological advancements in Africa, offering insights into the challenges and opportunities present in the region.

The delegation from Burkina Faso shared their perspectives and expressed their appreciation for TrueLeap’s mission and achievements. Their feedback was both encouraging and affirming, highlighting the impact of our work beyond borders.

Burkina Faso, a country with a rich cultural identity that prides itself as the “Land of Upright People,” places a high priority on education. This focus is driven by the country’s demographics, with a significant portion of its 22.1 million population being under the age of 25. Specifically, 45% of its total population is under the age of 15, and over 65% is under the age of 25. This youthful demographic is not unique to Burkina Faso but is a characteristic of many sub-Saharan African countries, presenting both challenges and opportunities for the region’s educational systems.

The global demographic shift, characterized by declining fertility rates in developed nations, underscores the importance of preparing the burgeoning youth population in developing countries for future roles in the global economy. TrueLeap Inc. is committed to this cause, offering more than just a Learning Management System (LMS) that is easy to use and cost-effective. We see ourselves as a catalyst for preparing global talents for a global future, utilizing technology as the key to unlocking potential and overcoming educational barriers.

Our engagement with the Burkina Faso delegation is a testament to our mission to connect with visionary leaders worldwide and to bring TrueLeap’s solutions to students and educators in need. It reflects our commitment to leveraging technology to meet the demand for quality education, thereby preparing the next generation for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

“I was blown away by the work you and your team are doing in DRCongo. Your passion, dedication, and commitment were incredible.” Commented one of the African leaders who attended the roundtable.

As we continue our journey, we look forward to fostering more partnerships and collaborations that will allow us to extend our reach and impact. Join us for a movement towards a future where education is accessible to all, empowering individuals and communities across the globe.